Job Posting Form

In an effort to assist churches and ministers, the Assemblies of God Children's Ministry office provides this service to churches that are currently looking for a children's minister to fill an available position. The lists are updated regularly to reflect additions, deletions or changes submitted. Inclusion on the list of positions does not imply endorsement by the Assemblies of God Children’s Ministry office nor can we personally recommend any individual nor make contact with them on your behalf. The General Council of the Assemblies of God is not responsible for the accuracy of the content listed in the job postings below.

Children's Pastors

The AG Children’s Ministries office has been contacted by the churches listed below regarding open positions they currently have. Prospective staff members may contact any of these churches by using the link provided to email the contact person or by the church website link.

Pastors and Church Administrators

If you have an available children’s ministry position in your church and would like to add it to our list of positions, please click here to submit our Job Posting Form.

Posted: 9/20/2021

Faithbridge Church
Deer Park, Texas

Brian Johnson

Posted: 9/14/2021

Cross Connection
Chickamauga, GA

Mike Moran

Phone #: 252-886-1568
Posted: 9/1/2021

Batavia Assembly of God
Batavia, NY

Dan Schmidt, Lead Pastor

Phone #: 585-343-8521
Posted: 9/1/2021

Life Spring Church
Brooks, OR

Darrell Arneson

Phone #: (503) 999-5342
Posted: 8/25/2021

First Church of the Open Bible
Des Moines, IA

Pastor Spencer Keroff

Phone #: (515) 218-0289
Posted: 8/23/2021

247 Church
San Antonio, TX

Jena Pantuso

Phone #: (210) 653-0003
Posted: 7/29/2021

First Presbyterian Church
Spokane, WA

Laura Addis

Posted: 7/23/2021

World Revival Church
Kansas City, MO

Pastor Kathy Gray

Phone #: (816) 716-9895
Posted: 7/21/2021

Bethel Assembly of God
Perrysburg, OH

Tonya Starr

Phone #: (205) 215-3478
Posted: 7/20/2021

Woodland Park Baptist Church
Chattanooga, TN

Trevor Overcash

Phone #: (423) 596-8190
Posted: 7/19/2021

Community BIble Church
Brighton, MI

Chip Herrera

Phone #: (810) 227-2255
Posted: 7/12/2021

Capital City Church of God
Raleigh, NC

Pastor Adam Herring

Phone #: (910) 849-4924
Posted: 7/5/2021

Lighthouse Church of God/Beacon of Hope Christian School
Saint Augustine, FL

LaVoy Newton

Phone #: 9047976996
Posted: 7/5/2021

Bellerose Assembly of God - Next City Church
Bellerose, NY

Posted: 6/30/2021

Hope Church A/G
Bettendorf, IA

Pastor Craig Ruesch

Phone #: 563-355-2249
Posted: 6/18/2021

Victory Church
Winchester, VA

Keith Cross

Phone #: 540-667-9400
Posted: 6/1/2021

Charleston First Assembly
Charleston, SC

Pastor Charles Taylor

Phone #: 843-697-4488
Posted: 5/28/2021

Brazoria First Assembly
Brazoria, TX

Pastor Greg Harvey

Phone #: 979-798-7585
Posted: 5/27/2021

Hamilton Assembly of God
Hamilton, MT

John Weaver

Phone #: (406) 363-2510
Posted: 5/21/2021

Tri-County Assembly of God
Fairfield, OH

Pastor Justin Hansen

Phone #: 513-299-3601
Posted: 4/26/2021

Life Church
San Antonio, TX

Lyn Thomason

Phone #: 210-710-4222
Posted: 4/22/2021

Living Hope Assembly of God
Little Falls, MN

Keith Thompson

Phone #: (320) 232-9020
Posted: 4/22/2021

International Christian Center
Staten Island, NY

Rob Squibb

Phone #: 718-494-5433
Posted: 4/20/2021

Grace Assembly of God
Spring City, PA

Chris Czuchra

Phone #: 610-495-5270
Posted: 4/13/2021

River of Life Church
Onalaska, WI

Jacob Wallace

Phone #: 507 841 1578
Posted: 4/13/2021

Mountain Park Community Church
Phoenix, AZ

Diana Waks

Phone #: 713-300-9665
Posted: 4/9/2021

Hillside Church
Bloomington, MN

Alexi Abel

Phone #: (952) 831-5050
Posted: 4/6/2021

Nixa First Assembly Preschool Academy
Nixa, MO

Scott Kirby

Phone #: 417-830-4601
Posted: 4/6/2021

River of Life Church
Onalaska, WI

Jacob Wallace

Phone #: (597) 841-1578
Posted: 3/16/2021

First Assembly of God
Hermitage, PA

Pastor Michael Sabella

Phone #: 724-962-8206
Posted: 3/5/2021

Pleasant Hills Children's Home
Fairfield, TX

Martha Thomassen

Phone #: 903-389-2641 ext 223
Posted: 2/24/2021

La Palma Christian Center
La Palma, CA

Pastor Steve Bland

Phone #: 714-955-7784
Posted: 2/15/2021

Reach City Church
Riverview, FL

Tom Buzzutto

Phone #: (863) 797-5717
Posted: 2/15/2021

Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God
Centralia, MO

David Hartgrove

Phone #: 573-355-0922
Posted: 2/15/2021

Cedar Valley Church
Bloomington, MN

Vicki Graham

Phone #: 952-854-1100 Ext. 1504
Posted: 2/15/2021

Valley Church
Everson, WA

Kyle Hopkins

Phone #: (360) 961-1788
Posted: 2/2/2021

Holland First Assembly
Holland, MI

Mike Houser

Phone #: (616)396-5646
Posted: 1/21/2021

Abundant Life Community Church
Alton, IL

Dave Anderson

Phone #: 618-474-5433
Posted: 12/16/2020

Indianapolis, IN

Jamie Bell

Phone #: (317) 897-7100
Posted: 12/8/2020

Yorktown Assembly of God
Yorktown Heights, NY

Rose Foster

Phone #: (914) 628-7444
Posted: 12/8/2020

Abundant Life Church
Glen Burnie, MD

Holly Rogers

Phone #: (410) 761-9075
Posted: 12/8/2020

West End Assembly of God Church
Richmond, VA

Lisa Eggert

Posted: 11/24/2020

Crossway Church
Valencia, PA

Michael Santistevan

Phone #: 724-898-4600
Posted: 11/24/2020

Newbreak Church
San Diego, CA

JoAnn Johnson

Posted: 11/24/2020

New Community Church
Mesquite, TX

Aaron Escamilla

Phone #: (972) 222-5391