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Missions Throughout Your KidMin

One of the most valuable things we can teach kids to help them grow as healthy disciples is that outreach and missions are more than short-term projects or one-time events. How do you create a culture of outreach and missions in your kids’ ministry? Today, I wanted to share three simple ways you can incorporate missions throughout your kids’ ministry.

Helping a Child Navigate Trauma

There are a few guaranties in this life. One of them happens to be pain. It’s not a subject we like to dwell on because pain is not something we look forward to. We occasionally use the adage, “no pain no gain.” When we recite those words we are implying there’s something good at the end of the pain. And while that’s true in some scenarios, how do we live with pain that seems to have no gain?

On the Same Page

For nearly four decades, Bob and Lynn Aston have been passionate about children’s ministry.

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