Called Kids Takeover Day

Empowering kids to explore their purpose and encouraging churches to support them.

We are excited to introduce the “Called Kids Takeover Day,” a unique and exciting initiative that will challenge kids pastors/leaders nationwide to embrace the idea of allowing kids called to ministry to take over and lead a kids church service.

The concept behind Called Kids Takeover Day (CKTD) is to provide children with a firsthand experience of ministry, fostering an environment where they can explore and embrace the call that God may have placed on their hearts. By inviting kids to lead various aspects of a regular kids church service, we believe this initiative will not only be an enriching experience for them, but also a powerful way to nurture and encourage their spiritual growth.


Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources


The kids are taking over!

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With Made for This, kids can intentionally engage in their own spiritual walk. In this easy-to-follow journal, kids will start their lifelong discovery of who God is and pursuing the adventure He has in store for their life.

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