Called Kids

Leading kids into their calling, no matter what it looks like.


Called Kids is all about...

- promoting the truth that God calls children to ministry

- highlighting the importance of supporting called kids

- encouraging churches to release children to do ministry now.



 We are challenging children's pastors across the nation to host a takeover day! We believe that giving children a small taste of ministry now, may open their eyes to the call that has placed on their heart.

May 30th, the last Sunday of the month, we're asking that the pastors and leaders hand over part, or all, of their children's ministry service to the kids. Churches would need to prepare children and invite them to do specific roles, like hosting, leading worship, teaching an object lesson, telling the Bible story or leading a game. 

Plan on joining the takeover? Fill out this form and we'll stay updated with what you're wanting to do!


We have asked some of our friends and local leaders to share their stories on when they were called! We would love to hear about the moment you believe God called you to ministry. Share a video of yourself telling your story on social media and use the hashtag, #calledkids.

We're so excited to hear about what God does through so many people sharing their story!


We're going all out! We want to help resource you as you identify, equip, release and develop the called kids in your ministry!

Daily Devotions: Monday through Friday we will be releasing devotions on social media to help adults who are parenting or leading called kids!

Blogs/Articles: We will be releasing brand new blogs each week specifically for the Called Kids Campaign! This means you will have fresh perspectives on being Called, how to implement it in your ministry, and how to release the called kids to the next generation.

Teach your kids about God’s global mission and how each one of them is "Called by God" to be a part. Click here to download your copy of this special 5 lesson curriculum for a limited time.