Kelly Presson

Kelly Presson

Kelly Presson is the Director of Leadership Development for Children’s Ministry at the National Leadership and Resource Center of the Assembly of God. Kelly has a long and rich history of involvement in children’s ministry birthed in his heart at the age of seven. Since then God has profoundly gifted Kelly in methods of preparing children to be Spirit-filled leaders among their friends, and in their communities. Hundreds of children, through this unique course have become “Special Forces” servant leaders in their church body and beyond.

Making the Most of Kids Spiritual Mileage

Camp is often one of the highlights for every children's ministry, but how do we make the most of the growth that happens at camp?

Truly Effective Ministry Is All About A Destination

Having ministry goals can help increase your ministry effectiveness

Circumstances Are Not Your Master

Circumstances may be tempting you to save money by not investing in a leadership growth plan during this season. I want to encourage you that your personal leadership growth and development effect everything concerning your ministry.

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