AG Kidmin NOW Summer 23

What's exciting and happening right now in AG Kidmin

This is our model: living like Christ in community as He forms us into Spirit-led, lifelong learners and followers. This is our goal for every student and leader. As you lead your kids ministry on this pathway, AG Kidmin wants to partner with you by providing resources, strategies, and practical solutions to help you meet your ministry goals. Check out more at


Hydrate is excited to offer both Essentials and Amplify on demand! You can now register for classes anytime during the year. All students are given the opportunity to connect with like minded leaders from around the nation through live webinars, private social media groups, and more. Check out more at


Not only is Bible Engagement Project getting a fresh new look with more user friendly features, but this summer we announced that the platform will be completely free! From Day one, we have been committed to equipping churches to fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples. That’s the heart of Jesus! Because of this, we are so excited to provide every church, regardless of size or budget, with access to quality discipleship curriculum that is focused on anchoring people in the Word of God.

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