Answering God's Call

Making Your Call Matter Right Now

I remember when God called me to children’s ministry at the age of 7. It was so exciting and so real. There was no doubt in my mind that I had heard from God, yet I was only in 1stgrade.

Obviously, it is going to be a while before a young child can assume the position of Children’s Pastor. Actually, I had never even heard the term at that time. I was raised in a small church who only had a single paid staff member and everyone else were volunteers. So, what was I to do?

I began praying each and every night that God would help me to be what He had called me to be. I had no idea what the next steps would be, and my parents didn’t either, but I somehow knew if I was going to fulfill the call it would depend on prayer. So, I prayed night after night, year after year for many years.

My first experience serving in children’s ministry was around the age of nine or ten years old. My pastor’s wife, Annette, asked me to do a puppet during her teaching time. My “ministry career” began with a cheap zebra hand puppet named Felicia. I remember when Annette decided that I was better without an actual script and allowed me to simply listen to her teaching and have Felica respond to her questions and make comments about the story. I was hooked!

What I want you to see is that although I had to wait to fully embrace all that God had asked me to do, He was faithful to give me opportunities to train and prepare for my future ministry.

The same may very well hold true for you. You may be in a position where you may need to wait for a few or even several months before you would be able to move into your calling.

If you will pray and be open to God’s leading, He will set you up with opportunities and connections that will help you to better succeed in fulfilling your calling.

Where can you volunteer and who can you connect with that will help you learn, as well as gain experience that will equip you for your future?

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