How to Help Kids Share Their Faith

Four simple things every kidmin leader can do

Have you ever noticed how kids are natural evangelists? Get a kid talking about something within their “passion zone” and they’ll talk your ear off. The same is true when their “passion zone” is all about Jesus. There’s something beautiful about how they approach evangelism with audaciousness and innocence. I wonder if somewhere along the way the confidence is conditioned out of us adults.

As adults, there’s a lot we can learn from how bold and zealous kids can be when it comes to telling others about Jesus. As kids’ ministry leaders, we should do everything we can to intentionally harness that energy into helping them learn how to effectively share the gospel with their family and friends.

Four Simple Things You Can Do to Help Kids Share Their Faith

Here are four ways you can help kids learn how to act on their desire to tell others about God and His love:

1. Have kids give an altar call. Have you ever wondered what would happen if every kid in your ministry was trained and discipled about how to call others into a relationship with Jesus Christ? What if the “trained professionals” took to heart Ephesians 4:12 and equipped children (the saints) to do the work of the ministry. It might not be perfect, but by allowing kids to share in the joy of calling people to salvation, you may just find them being more confident on the playground as well.

2. Help them put words to their faith. We often create different vocabulary when we talk about Jesus and the church. As a result, sharing your faith can sometimes be similar to learning a new language. Can you imagine trying to witness in a language you haven’t learned? It would be awkward and painful for you and the listener. It’s very similar for children when sharing their faith. Help them learn how to express what Jesus means to them. Ask them questions that allow them to discover their own passion for following Christ. When we do that, sharing their faith will become more natural.

3. Equip them with resources and tools they can use at any given moment. I remember learning the Romans Road as a teenager. This simple-to-use plan helped me bring Scripture into the conversation with my friends and gave me a great sense of confidence. There are dozens of tools that you can put in the hands of a child: The ABCs of Salvation, the EvangeCube, or simple colored bracelets. The point is that giving kids a framework or tool will help them be more comfortable talking about their faith. When kids pair that with a deep passion to live for Jesus, sharing their faith will come much more naturally.

4. Teach kids to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit was for Christ’s followers to “receive power … and... be My witnesses” (Acts 1:8). We must train kids to live in the Spirit, and expect Him to empower them as they share their faith with others.

By teaching kids how to love others and share what God means to them, we’re equipping and empowering them to live a life marked by evangelism and outreach.

What are some practical ways you help kids in your ministry learn how to share their faith?

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