Spencer Click

Spencer Click

Hampton, VA / Bethel Church

Spencer Click has been in Children’s Ministry for 27 years. He started as a Sunday school helper in a 4-year-old classroom. Since that time he has done pretty much everything in Children’s ministry - except change a diaper! He has been blessed to serve in churches from 75 to 2700, each one presenting a unique opportunity. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Family Life and Ministry Operations at Bethel Church in Hampton, VA. He has a BA in Children’s Ministry from North Central University, MA in Christian Ministry from AGTS, and is a Doctoral Candidate in Servant Leadership at Bethel Seminary. You can read more from him on his blog at www.spencerclick.com.

Balancing Ministry and Family

Problems are guaranteed in life—some problems need to be solved, some problems need to be managed, and ultimately all problems need to be given to God. One of the hardest leadership tasks we can tackle is deciding whether something is a problem to solve or a tension to manage. Some challenges we face in life and ministry are just the reality of the world.

The One Thing I Wish The Church Board Knew About Kidmin

Most children’s ministries across the country have two things in common: they need one more worker and a bigger budget! (If you don’t have those two problems, either your church is a phenomenal exception or your vision is too small—but that’s a different blog post.)

Children's Ministry Is Not Childcare!

One of the great mantras of children’s ministry is that we are not childcare. But I think we need to get over that because part of our job in ministry is childcare. Thinking in terms of childcare, safety, and security does not belittle the ministry—it enhances it.

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