Jessica Downs

Jessica Downs

Bothell, WA / Cedar Park Church

Jessica Downs has served in Kids Ministry for over a decade and is currently on staff as the Early Childhood Pastor at Cedar Park Church in Bothell, Washington. She graduated from Northwest University with degrees in Children's Ministry and Biblical Studies as well as a minor in Missions. She loves equipping and encouraging fellow kids workers and is passionate about helping kids know God, not just know about Him. Jessica and her husband, Loren, are expecting their miracle baby after years of struggling with infertility and are looking forward to this next season of parenthood.

3 Keys to Building Strong Relationships with Parents

Our purpose with kids goes far beyond the weekend. If we focus solely on the kids and miss relationship with the family, we are losing out on what could be the most fruitful of our efforts. In order to make the most of our time, we must get the parents involved in the spiritual formation of their children by taking these three steps: Communicate, Trust, and Encourage.

Learn from the Past Lead into the Future

As leaders in children’s ministry, we know the significance of our job. We have the opportunity to teach kids about Christ. What could be better than that? Yet in the middle of the week-to-week preparations, we can get so focused on the details that we forget the bigger picture. Our job is not simply to ensure our 4s class has a teacher this Sunday—our job is to nurture the spiritual development of kids.

Encourage Those That Volunteer

So you’ve done it! You’ve gotten the volunteers you have been hoping and praying for. But you begin to notice you are losing people as fast as you are gaining them. What’s going on? You try to make sure they have all the materials they need and even have helpers in their class. What more could they possibly want? One word: Encouragement.

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