The Most Effective Kids’ Ministries are “RACI”

What is the RACI model of leadership?

by Mark Entzminger/ January 19, 2015

You probably have a key volunteer for every program within your kids’ ministry. But do you have a structure in place that tells you who that person is accountable to? Who will be consulted to help make the ministry effective? And who will be notified of the progress of the ministry?

For every program within your ministry, I encourage you to make sure you have the following four team members:

R  =  Someone who is Responsible. Who owns the problem or project?

A  =  Someone to whom “R” is Accountable. Who must sign off on (approve) work before it is effective?

C  =  Someone who is to be Consulted. Does the responsible person have the information and/or capability necessary to complete the work?  

I  =  Someone who is to be Informed. Who will be notified of results, but need not be consulted?

The most effective kids’ ministries are “RACI”

Why is it a good idea for kids’ ministry leaders to implement the “RACI” model for ministry? Here are four benefits:

  • It eliminates the idea that the children’s ministry leader is responsible for everything. By delegating leadership responsibility for various activities, it allows you to build a ministry that isn’t dependent solely on the children’s ministry leader.
  • It resolves gaps. Taking the time to define roles on the front end ensures that fewer balls are dropped and every area of ministry has an “owner” who is invested in taking it to the next level.
  • It reduces confusion. When everyone knows their roles and responsibilities it eliminates some of the confusion and prevents comments like, “I didn’t know I was responsible for that.”
  • It leads to quicker problem solving. When problems or issues arise, it allows people to know exactly who they need to go to in order to find the solution.

Leading a children’s ministry that changes lives takes more than just a few leaders. It takes an entire team of people dedicated to the cause. Developing a “RACI” model of leadership within your ministry ensures that everyone is working together towards the goal of guiding each kid into a deeper relationship with God.

Later this week, we’ll dive deeper into the RACI leadership model and how you can develop the model for your ministry.

How much more effective would your ministry be if you had these “RACI” roles filled?