Promotion and Transition

Important moments for children

by Jason Briesacher/ March 24, 2014

Could there be anything more bittersweet than promoting kids to the youth group? We have invested time, money, and energy into these kids only to say good-bye. Since promotion time is pivotal in the life and health of your church, plan it early in the year and build it into your large and small group curriculums.

To help you plan for your next promotion, here are a couple of things to think about this year:

1—Do you get along with your youth pastor? 
As a children’s pastor, your best friend in the church should be the youth pastor (and not because they have the same maturity level as some of your kids.) Your youth pastor is taking the seeds you’ve sown and will develop them into bloom.

2–How do you speak about the youth program? 
One benefit of being friends with the youth pastor is that you will see a method behind their madness and you’ll trust their leadership. You should believe in the youth program as much as you believe in your own.

3–What are you doing to prepare your kids? 
You could attend youth services throughout the year in order to evaluate whether your kids will be prepared to transition. For example, if the youth program has a small group time, you should add a small group time. Also invite the youth pastor to come in and meet the kids who will be promoting.

When we believe in and support the youth ministry, we are preparing our kids for a successful transition. We will see the fruit of our labor and enjoy watching kids become fully devoted followers of Jesus.