Is Your Kidmin Marked by Grace?

It's an essential element

by Mark Entzminger/ June 26, 2015

Embracing God’s grace is one of the most fundamental aspects of our journey to follow Him. However, it can also be one of the most difficult. It’s easy to fall back into the trap of thinking we have to earn our way into God’s love, or work towards pleasing Him rather than living our lives in a way that resonates the truth that He loves us no matter what. 

If understanding and embracing the concept of grace is challenging for us to do as ministry leaders and adults, think about how difficult it might be for the kids in our ministry. We must be intentional about building a ministry that is marked by grace if we want our kids to understand God’s grace. 

Earlier this week, we talked about the importance of explaining grace when it comes to teaching about God’s love. Today, I want to unpack what it looks like to cultivate and communicate the idea of grace throughout your entire ministry. 

Is Your Kids Ministry Marked by Grace? 

Answering these three questions can help you discern if your kids ministry effectively teaches about Gods grace: 

1. Do you believe in Gods love and grace yourself? It can be easy to find yourself as a kids ministry leader working for Gods favor rather than living by grace. Do your actions reflect your belief in grace? We constantly have to remind ourselves that we are saved by graceperiod. Our works do not secure a better place for us in Gods kingdom.

2. Do discussions of grace permeate your childrens ministry? You should regularly communicate about Gods grace. Your volunteers need to live out Gods grace to the children in your ministry. Are they equipped to teach kids about what grace means?

3. Do the kids in your ministry have confidence that God wont turn His back on them? Are you constantly reminding kids about the goodness of Gods grace in a way thats biblical? 

Teaching about Gods grace can be challenging because its so counterintuitive to the culture that our kids are surrounded by every day. But it is essential, if we want to build a healthy ministry that is based on teaching about the character of God and the good news of the gospel. 

What are three ways you can incorporate godly grace into your children’s ministry?