A Tech Idea for New Family Connection


by Aaron Strawn/ March 25, 2015

I recently bought a car from a dealership. Yeah, it was rough. But the next day the owner called to congratulate me and check in to see if I was satisfied with my experience. I hung up thinking, Hmm, that was kind of cool. But then, the phone calls kept on coming, the e-mails, the surveys, the blood samples, the HOME VISITS!! Just kidding. It didn't go that far, but I did feel harassed after three weeks of follow-up.            

We don’t want to harass our new guests and families, but neither do we want to neglect them. So, here’s a tip on how to use a little technology to follow up with guests and connect with your church families while creating positive buzz for your kidmin.            

When you go to your favorite social media app, you see tons of pictures and videos out there. So how do you stand out? Create your own unique hashtag (#) that gives your ministry a central hub for your media. For example, our ministry is called Victory Kids. I searched on Twitter and Instagram to find a hashtag (#) that was close to our name and unused. I found one: #vkds. We now direct all our staff, kids, or parents to use that # when they post pictures or videos from a service. Once you have a hashtag, you can invite guests to pull their phones out and visit your hashtag (#) to see all the cool things happening in your childrens ministries!  

You can always use words and postcards to promote your kidmin, but a genuine smile on the face of a kid says so much more. I encourage you to put technology to work for your kidmin whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a phone tree, or texting. Use technology to keep in touch with new families. 

Which hashtag will work for your kidmin?