What To Consider In Your Kidmin Budget

by Mark Entzminger/ September 10, 2018

How much children’s ministry can you do for $20 a week?

In some churches the words children’s ministry and budget are never heard in the same sentence. Though many pastors would agree the evangelism and discipleship of children is a priority in the church, the funding does not always support the statement.

But let’s just say a church was willing to contribute $20 each week toward children’s ministry. What would be the top considerations on how to spend that money? How far could that money really go? What kind of impact could $1,040 a year make?

Here are my recommendations on how to spend $20 a week.

1. Tru Fire Story ($9.60/week or $500 annually)

This might sound a bit shocking to spend half of your weekly budget on one item. But the truth is, the content you teach from should be solid. Free curriculum options are available on the Internet which make it tempting to save money and just get those. But this is the discipleship of our kids we are talking about! You cannot leave that to chance and hope the ministry giving away their resources has a theology that aligns with yours.

Tru Fire Story is the best way to ensure you weekly ministry environment has solid teaching, positions the Holy Spirit as the teacher, and empowers the home as the birthplace of discipleship.

2. Bible Fact Pak & Games and Activities Book ($29.00 one time)

The Bible Fact Pak ($20) is filled with 576 questions and answers focused on helping kids become familiar with key teachings in the Bible, important verses, and facts about the Word of God.

The Games and Activities book ($9) has over 200 easy-to-play games that make filling time or adding a fun segment a breeze.

It’s not uncommon for a children’s ministry to play games at some point during the service. Why not utilize the Bible Fact Pak as part of it and make the Word of God the centerpiece of the game time?

3. Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) Curriculum (FREE with Donation)

If your church receives and sends in an offering for BGMC you can receive 12 missions-focused lessons to help create a missional world-view in children.

There is enough content to do one service each month or break it down into smaller segments and provide a weekly focus on missions. If your church has never given to BGMC, but is ready to start, call the national BGMC office to receive a complimentary startup kit. Be sure to ask for a copy of the curriculum as well.

4. MEGA Sports Camp (MSC) ($150 one time)

MEGA Sports Camp has proven to be the most effective outreach for communities around the United States. Each 5-lesson theme kit comes complete with everything you need to run a Christ-centered VBS-style outreach event for children in your community.

If you are serious about wanting to reach children in your community, then MSC is the place to begin.

The kit retails at $150, and if you have sports equipment you can borrow, then it is not only the most effective outreach; it’s also the most affordable. The theme kit comes with all of the resources you need for the rallies and help your huddle coaches run their drills. Just add leaders, sports equipment, and kids.

5. Now What? for Kids ($.99 each when buying 10+. Start with 40.)

These booklets are perfect companions to an evangelistic outreach in your community. Giving one of these tools to every child who responds to Jesus helps them immediately begin to understand what it means to be a Christian.

6. NIV Fire Bible for Kids: Paperback ($18.00)

Use this Bible for teaching each week in your children’s ministry. There are a lot of great children’s Bibles in the marketplace today. But the Fire Bible for Kids is the only children’s study Bible written for children in Pentecostal churches.

If you’ve ever wondered how to talk theology with children, then the Fire Bible for Kids is the tool you need.

7. Hydrate: Leadership Development ($120/annually)

So far the money that has been spent from your $20/week budget has gone to resource the ministry to the children. But don’t forget to invest in yourself. As the leader you are going to need to grow.

Chances are you’ve learned a lot to get you where you are, but there’s so much more to learn. Hydrate provides participants with engaging video content and real-time interaction with like-minded leaders to increase the level of effectiveness beginning with day one.
In the big scheme of things, don’t miss out on investing in your own growth. It’s what will help you become more effective and fulfilled in the ministry you lead.

8. Supplies

Having only $3.50 a week to spend on supplies may not be enough. But begin planning for the kinds of crafts kids will be doing, purchasing items during the school shopping season sales, and having an organized system of storing and reusing supplies. This will make a difference down the road.

You can also consider providing parents with a list of needed supplies and see if they will add an item or two to their cart and help cover some of these expenses. 
I’m confident that as you begin implementing a strategic approach to funding what is most important the parents and church leaders will notice the difference.  Watch how God provides for all your needs.


$1,040 ($20/week) is not a lot when you think about all the needs in a children’s ministry. However, if you work strategically, you might find that investing in the biggest impact tools will help you do more than you ever thought you could.

Or think of it this way. In the past you may have been using both personal and church funds throughout the year without investing in items that have eternal significance. With the plan outlined above, $20 each week provides great curriculum, classroom tools, leadership growth, and an outreach tool which will help make you more effective than ever.