Water War Wednesdays

by Paige Keel/ July 23, 2018

In the summer, in order to help avoid the summer slumps when kids go on vacation and forget about church, the girls and boys ministries put on a summer competition.

For the past few years we have done Water War Wednesdays, a water-themed points competition between the groups of kids/youth on Wednesday nights. We divide the students into groups, either by their normal club groupings or we combine some to make the groupings equal (for example: Prims and Daisies). In years past, we have combined the Royal Ranger and Girls Ministries groups for the whole meeting time to complete the games and devotion. In recent years, our setup runs with the Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers competing in the games together, then dismissing into their groups to do devotions and work on badges or merits.

Games aren’t the only way the teams earn points. They also earn points by attending Wednesday nights, going to Sunday service, bringing their Bible, wearing club colors, and bringing friends. This gives incentive to keep doing the things we already encourage them to do, while adding the fun to keep them intrigued over the summer. The team concept also encourages them to hold each other accountable to come every week, especially after being on vacation or at camp.

 Water War Wednesdays Earning Points and Rules

Each Team:

  • Each team member present—100 points
  • Each team member wearing their team colors—100 points
  • If entire team is present—2,000 bonus points
  • Each team member/visitor who has a Bible with them—100 points
  • Team with greatest offering—1,000 bonus points
  • Every team member present for Sunday 10:30 AM service—500 points
  • Team members do not receive any points on Sunday if they are more than 15 minutes late to the service.

Team Visitors:

  • First time visitors—1,000 points
  • Second time visitors—2,000 points
  • Third time visitors—3,000 points
  • Fourth time visitors—4,000 points
  • Visitors must have completed kindergarten and do not have to come consecutively to receive points.

Team Challenges:

  • Participating teams—2,000 points
  • Winning team—7,000 points

 Team Banners: (rainy day alternative only)

  • Banners are judged on five categories: creativity, professionalism, originality, team colors, and team name.
  • Points will be distributed as follows:

First place—10,000 points

Second place—6,000 points

Third place—3,000 points

Deductions of Points:

  • If a team member is found to be participating in disorderly conduct (including but not limited to cursing or threats)
  • If a team member is found to be disrespectful to any leader or property in the church
  • The amount of points to be deducted will be decided on by the Rangers and Girls Ministries leaders, depending on the severity of the offense. All offenses will be no lower than a 15,000-point deduction from the team involved.

Point Tracking:

We have one person in charge of tracking points. Each night the kids sign in at our sign-in table, and the leader of that table fills in all the information for us. If you don’t have that luxury, each leader should get a folder with their team sheet in it to fill out. In either case, the points tracker gets the sheets at the end of the night.


All leaders take turns heading up the games. A quick Google or Pinterest search will score you some ideas for games. Here is a list of ideas we have tried.

Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Hot Potato

Water Balloon Dodgeball

Bob for Water Toys

Put the Candles Out (with straws and water)

With Water Wars Wednesdays, we have experienced growth and excitement during our summers.