Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

by Nina Durning/ January 10, 2019

Sunday morning ministry is made possible by the countless volunteers who help oversee the different aspects of your church experience. From ushering to greeting, to parking lot, and yes, to children’s ministry, volunteers are giving up their personal time to serve the Lord and the church they call home. Without them, ministry could not be done effectively. With them, God can change an entire city’s spiritual climate. Volunteers are very important, and it’s important for those in leadership to communicate the volunteer’s importance and appreciate all they do within the faith community. 

Here are some fun and creative ways for you to show appreciation to the volunteers in your children’s ministry and in your whole church! 


Social Media Appreciation Highlights 

This is a very fun way to show appreciation to your children’s ministry volunteers. On Sunday, have a thank you card with a small gift in it, such as a Starbucks gift card, ready to give to a volunteer. Have your social media team livestream you surprising that volunteer in their classroom as they are serving, and present them with the card and gift, thanking them for all they do. Posting live on your children’s ministry social media, or church social media, can make everyone aware of all the volunteers do. If you can, show appreciation to one volunteer each month, so it becomes culture for your church. You will begin to see people thanking that volunteer in the halls of your church throughout the month! 


Birthday and Anniversary Cards 

Giving these cards is a great way to show your volunteers you’re thinking about them throughout the week. This gives them value and shows them that you as a leader genuinely care about them. Create a list of volunteers through your scheduling system or check-in system. Sort them by month and send the cards to the volunteers for their birthday or wedding anniversary. This small gesture will go a long way with your volunteers. 


Volunteer of the Month Highlights 

This could be another fun way to show appreciation to your volunteers. Pick a volunteer each month from each of your age groups. Highlight the volunteer on a bulletin board or public board outside that age group’s room. Below the board, have cards and envelopes available for kids and parents to fill out to thank that volunteer in their age group. Use the month to highlight that volunteer and thank them publicly in the presence of the kids. 


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner or Banquet

One last thing you can do is have a volunteer appreciation dinner/banquet. Taking the time to gather all your volunteers together to fellowship around food is a great way to say thank you. During the dinner, have fun things like games and a video of pictures from that year. While a dinner is a budget item, it can show your volunteers your commitment to appreciate and recognize them for all the things they do throughout the year to help your ministry be successful. Make it an event to remember! 

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the church. As leaders, make sure you are taking care of them and showing them how much you appreciate all they do.