Teaching Kids to Spread the Good News

Three Ways to Incorporate Evangelism into Your KidMin

by Cindy Grantham/ August 12, 2015

The word "evangelism" is both a big word and a big concept for kids to grasp. However when kids learn to reach out to their peers, it is one of the most effective ways to win kids to Christ. When kids are part of the process of telling others about Jesus, it grows their faith and reinforces their standing as God’s children. Part of our job as Kids’ Pastors is to teach and motivate those in our care to "go and tell" in their own neighborhoods, schools and families. 

Here are some ideas for helping kids grow and retain their evangelistic hearts:

DEVELOP an environment that will allow kids practical activities for sharing their faith. Kids are naturally out-going and engaging so when they are excited about their faith, they will want to share. But we must give them the tools to help make the gospel message they share fun and effective. Whether you teach a specific curriculum designed to simplify the concept of evangelism for kids or develop your own methodology, teach and equip kids to share the good news confidently with their peers.

DEMONSTRATE a local-minded philosophy. Sometimes it can be difficult for kids to engage in a world missions viewpoint because the focus is overseas and seems so far away. When instead we target our neighborhoods and communities, kids can get excited about making an investment where they can see the difference. Lemonade stands to raise money for a specific family’s needs, a cupcake sale to sponsor the local Back Pack program, kids packing backpacks with school supplies and hosting a Back-to-School event where needy families come for fun, food and a back-to-school gift are all ideas we’ve used to give kids the opportunity to tell their peers about Jesus.

DETERMINE to be continually visible in your community. Sometimes we can get so caught up planning activities and events for our church members that we forget to look outside our walls. Kids in our ministries should know that every event we plan is a reason to invite their friends. Encourage kids to help hang posters, use social media, and personally invite their friends so that church sponsored events are visible and welcoming to the entire community.

The Great Commission isn’t just for adults. Kids can and will be effective witnesses for Jesus. We must partner with kids and their families to provide the necessary tools and opportunities to share their faith effectively.

What ideas do you have for generating evangelistic hearts in the children of your ministry?