Strong Enough to Last Book Review

Building Spiritual Depth in Kids

by Casey Gibbons/ August 3, 2017

God stories. There is nothing like a solid God story. God stories have some of the most inspiring comeback testimonies because of the divine intervention of God’s love.  David Boyd has such a story, and it all goes back to the influence of children’s ministry in his young life.

David was once a bus kid in crisis, but the call of God and David’s obedience to follow allowed him to not only be a thriving children’s pastor for 17 years, but also serve as the national director for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) for the past 18 years. His life passion to disciple kids is clear and consistent as he shares in his book Strong Enough to Last: Building Spiritual Depth into Our Kids. David strongly believes, “We must provide opportunities for kids to be with Jesus at home and at church.”

Most parents and church leaders agree that children’s ministry is valuable. However, not everyone may realize the exceptional importance of building spiritual depth in the childhood years. David shares insights from Barna Research that states: “A person’s moral foundations are generally in place by the time they reach age nine. By age thirteen, your spiritual identity is largely set in place. In essence, what you believe by the time you are thirteen is what you will die believing.” So what are parents and children’s ministry leaders to do in order to optimize their time, resources, and energies for children? In his book, David shares the eight major goals that are proven to be successful and sustainable when leading young hearts to Christ. These eight goals are …  

  • Powerful in Prayer
  • Responsive in Worship
  • Biblically Fluent
  • Spirit Empowered
  • Actively Serving
  • Bold in Faith
  • Giving Selflessly
  • Living Like Christ

These life-sustaining eight building blocks to lay a spiritual foundation are shared in the small, yet powerful 2017 release by Gospel Publishing House.

Mixed with insightful stories such as the fifth-grade Sunday School teacher who for 20 years led nearly every child in the baptism in the Holy Spirit, or the meaningful possibilities to have home-worship encounters, this book is highly recommended for leaders and parents. In fact, the chapters contain a section of applicable “tips” for both church and home, for simple implementation. Setting aside some time to highlight and ponder in order to create your own personal strategy with the knowledge shared in this evergreen title would be worth the investment. Consider using this detailed book with leaders you are training or as a unified guide with your spouse as you lead your own children.

As endorsed by multiple ministry leaders such as Dan Betzer, Rod Loy, and Jim Wideman, this is one book that comes from a God story that has the potential to be the catalyst for tens of thousands of stories to come in the lives of children!