Simple Steps to Make a Shared Classroom Fit Your Ministry Theme

Freshening Up the Clubroom … even if you have to share it

by Beth Morse/ November 29, 2016

In the ideal world, every Girls Ministries sponsor of every club would have a great classroom space to decorate beautifully. Some groups may be blessed to have their own private space, but most find themselves sharing with another ministry within the church building. It doesn’t take long for a room to look like a storage closet with leftover holiday decorations, papers left from other ministries, and nothing that uniquely says to girls, “This is YOUR room!” No matter the circumstances, there are ways to personalize a space and freshen it up for the girls.

Here are two easy ways to make a general education room scream Girls Ministry.

  1. One of the biggest things that says “tired classroom” is having posters up from Girls Ministries that are old, ripped, or not up to date. Even if you don’t refer to the posters often or don’t prefer to use the achievement poster for your own record keeping, posters are great visuals for the girls. Keep them in good order. Invest in keeping them looking nice. (Laminating them can keep them looking nice for a long time.) If you are in “mobile space” where you can’t put anything on a wall, get a piece of whiteboard to attach the posters to and set them up on an easel each week. The posters will add color and direction to your room.


  2. At the beginning of each season, have the girls do a project to decorate the room for that season. Chances are the shared space being used is with another kids’ ministry. Seasonal “kid-created decorations” will fit that space. Decorating their room will help the girls feel ownership as well as fulfill a requirement for a badge they are working on. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for seasonal children’s art projects. Create boards for each season or each group and populate it through the year as ideas are found. The girls can even take part in this if desired. Again, if you are in a “mobile space,” adapt your projects to two-dimensional varieties, and hang them on poster boards that can “go where you go.”
Though it may require some compromise with another ministry leader, even shared space can be kept up to date and look inviting for new girls. Thanks to Pinterest and other technology, even those who don’t consider themselves decorating experts or particularly crafty can have a classroom that says, “Come in! We’ve been waiting for you!”