Rethinking Fundraising

by Drew Williams/ March 12, 2021

As our Kidmin team brainstormed ways to meet our $1,000 goal for BGMC’s Epic Give Day, we came to two conclusions:
One- We wanted to create an opportunity for kids to grow a passion for meeting the needs of missionaries all around the world. We wanted them to know that if they put the needs of others first, they can truly make a difference in someone’s life.
Two- We were stumped. Due to local regulations brought on by COVID-19, many of our traditional forms of fundraising were no longer possible (i.e bake sales, dinner theatre, etc.).

We then looked to other ministry leaders who had accepted the Epic Give Day Challenge to see what ideas they had come up with. After all, the world of ministry is one of the only places where cheating off someone else’s homework is not only acceptable, but encouraged! I was inspired when I saw one of my children’s pastor friends hosting a twenty four hour video-gaming marathon for BGMC. It was amazing seeing someone use the talents God had given them to create a unique way of helping to build the Kingdom. I brought the idea to my team, and after more brainstorming we found our idea: the 24 Hour Bounce House Challenge.

We started the challenge at 7:30PM on a Tuesday (We chose this so the challenge would end as our people were exiting our midweek service, therefore creating an in person opportunity to give). Every three to four hours we went live on our church’s social media pages from inside the bounce house to inform people of the needs BGMC is meeting through Epic Give Day, and encouraging them to play their part in meeting them. During these live updates we also encouraged parents to let their kids ask questions about both BGMC and how the actual challenge was going. We were fairly certain that we would meet our $1,000 goal when the challenge began; we have some incredible people in our church family with generous hearts and compassion for missions. And sure enough, at the 14 hour mark we hit right at $1,360.00. I honestly figured that if we were lucky that we would hit $2,000 just as we crossed the finish line. What I didn’t expect is what God did instead. When the timer hit zero, our people had given a grand total of $4,070 to BGMC! God had taken the five loaves and two fish that we had to offer and MULTIPLIED in a way like only He could!

As your ministry makes plans to either raise funds for missions or to meet a need in your local church, here are four things that we learned from our bounce house adventure that will hopefully help you meet your goal!
1. Make your fundraiser unique by building it around something that plays a role in
your ministry’s identity.
2. When promoting, focus on the need, NOT the money. One’s desire to meet a
goal is usually centered on purpose, not process.
3. Make it easy to give. Utilize your church’s different giving systems (i.e
text-to-give, online giving, etc.) so your audience feels as comfortable as possible
when donating.
4. Trust that God is working even if you don’t see it. The results of our actions
cannot always be weighed or measured, but that is where faith is born. All we
can do is offer what we have to God, go ALL IN, and watch Him work.

When the boy in John chapter 6 gave his lunch to the disciples, he probably had no idea of the impact it would have. All he knew is that five loaves and two fish is what he had to offer, so he gave it to Jesus to use. When we fund raise, we should have this same heart. Offer God what He has given you, go all in, and you be amazed at what God can do.