Maximize Your Fall Outreach

Thinking Beyond the Event

by Mark Entzminger/ October 30, 2015

For many kids ministry leaders, this weekend is one thats filled with candy and absolute craziness. If your church is hosting a Harvest Festival this weekend, youre just a few hours away from getting the opportunity to connect with dozens of unchurched families in your community. 

Earlier this week, I shared three questions that every kids’ ministry leader should ask before their fall outreach event. Today I want to share a few last-minute reminders to help you maximize the event. 

Thinking Beyond Your Fall Outreach Event for Greater Kingdom Impact 

Here are four last-minute ideas to take your Harvest Festival or outreach event to the next level:

1.  If you havent taken the time to define your goal, do it now. 

Its important to have a goal for what youre trying to accomplish; to just do it isnt enough. Maybe you want 50 families to show up to your event or get 10 new families plugged into your kids ministry because of it. If you need help defining a goal, here are four excellent questions to ask from my friend Brent Colby.

2. Take time to pray.

Covering your event in prayer is something we can easily forget in the midst of all the planning and organizing. I love this reminder from Scott Berkey to cover the leaders, kids, and families who will be impacted by the outreach. We should begin every endeavor with prayer.  My hope is that this discipline does not get lost in the desire to be creative or just get things done.

3. Get creative with your last-minute promotion ideas.

Leveraging social media is an incredible way to extend the impact of your event. Even if a family notices your event and doesnt show up, it plants a seed in their hearts that your kids ministry is doing things. Heres a great tech idea for your fall outreach events you can quickly implement from Aaron Strawn. 

4. Remember what matters to unchurched families.

Harvest Festivals arent just about connecting with kids, theyre about connecting with families. Whenever youre talking with unchurched parents who are bringing their kids to your event, remember what matters to them. Show them you care. Celebrate their child. To reach unchurched kids, we may need to foster friendships with parents we think will never attend our churches.

As we work to put the final details of the event together, we must keep in mind what we're striving forthat is bringing kids closer to a decision for Christ. With that in mind, we must understand that most often coming to a decision for Christ is a process. 

Id love to know: Whats the one thing youre most excited about for this years event?