Kids Ministry and Single Moms

Show that you care

by Melissa Alfaro/ May 4, 2016

They are a growing demographic in the United States and make up 80% of the 12 million single parent families (U.S. Census Bureau). Who are they? Single moms. 

Single moms often feel overworked, overwhelmed, financially frustrated, and fatigued. Sadly, they are often classified as the invisible “other” group in our churches. They are avoided by those who feel they cannot relate to them and misunderstood by others who feel they just need a handout or a hook-up out of “this season.” What single moms need is a person or a ministry to take the time to show them that they genuinely care. 

How can your kids ministry care for single moms this Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, this is a prime opportunity for your kids ministry to step in and show your single moms how much you care. 

Compliment: Sometimes one of the best gifts a single mom can receive is just a word of affirmation that they are doing a great job. Whether it is a verbal compliment at child pick-up, or a personal hand-written letter by your kids ministry volunteers, take the time to specifically praise their child(ren) and how it reflects the amazing work they are doing as mothers. 

Ask and Assist: Have your kids ministry volunteers periodically check in on single moms and ask if there is anything they need. Depending on their needs, you can assemble a team of awesome kids to help do yard work or clean her vehicle. Kids ministry volunteers can also facilitate a Mom’s Day Out to provide single moms with much needed personal time. 

Relate: Facilitate an environment for single moms to receive spiritual and relational support. This might be in the form of small groups that give single moms a place of healing and encouragement, or in the form of workshops that help provide practical tools single moms can use while navigating through the difficult stages of their children. You might also consider planning a single moms’ Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for their families. 

Embrace: Ensure that your parent meetings, your Bible lessons, your rhetoric, and your kids ministry culture embrace single moms. Take into consideration any limitations on time or support they might experience and be flexible. Make sure your kids ministry is creating an inviting, rather than an eliminating, culture for your single moms and their children to flourish and thrive.                                   

Bottom Line: Kids ministry can play a vital role in complimenting, assisting, relating to, and embracing single moms. 

Who are the single moms in your kids ministry? What actions can you take to show them you care?