Kidmin Assessment Tool

by Mark Entzminger/ September 14, 2018

Setting spiritual goals for your children’s ministry is a crucial step. But sometimes it’s necessary to evaluate where you are first.

To help you assess the spiritual climate in your children’s ministry, I’ve developed this simple assessment tool which can be used with each of the Eight Goals for Kids. By taking time to write down what is currently happening in the children’s ministry environment, you might find what needs to be included in goal setting to very obvious.

This assessment is free, so please use it and pass it on to others.

Assessment Instructions:

  1. Download the Assessment Template (Print or open in Adobe Reader.)
  2. Select one goal to focus on per sheet.
  3. Write down what can be observed in the kids’ environment based on: 
    1. Model: How do the adults/leaders live out this goal?
    2. Mentor: What opportunities exist for kids to explore and be encouraged in this goal?
    3. Message: How is the Bible used to anchor that goal into their faith?
  4. Score each goal attribute based on a 1–5 scale.
  5. Average the three scores for the final point value. Use this to compare one goal sheet to another for a broader health metric.
  6. Create ideas which would increase the assessment value.
  7. Select one or more items to implement right away; put others into a future action plan.
  8. Repeat for other goals.

To have a well-rounded assessment, parents or leaders should also complete assessments, and compare other perspectives to theirs. If you include leaders in the assessment process, they may be more likely to generate positive change to increase the spiritual tone in the room.

Idea: Consider having parents do this assessment based on their home and family environment, as a means to increase the spiritual temperature in the home.

Feel free to share this tool with other children’s ministry leaders.