Inviting the Holy Spirit

Do you make time for His presence in your kids’ service?

by Josh Dryer/ May 2, 2022

I love mornings. I have a pretty regular routine for my mornings everyday. Sometimes that routine gets messed up. When that happens, there’s less reading books and less enjoying the view out our bay window in the living room. However, whether my routine is messed up or not, there’s always a non-negotiable to my morning. Coffee. Boy, I love drinking handcrafted, freshly brewed, single origin coffee every morning. If I have to wake up early for a meeting, I make sure to wake up early enough so I have time to make my coffee.

Isn’t it funny how we make time for the things that are most important to us? If you look at your order of service for kids’ ministry, what gets the most time? What’s a non-negotiable for you? Is it the skit, the fun and crazy game, or worship? All of these elements are practical, but how much time do we intentionally leave in our service for the Holy Spirit to speak to kids? Are we guilty of packing our services so tight with other elements that we don’t leave margin for the Holy Spirit?

An easy way to make sure we leave space for the Holy Spirit to work is to plan with the end in mind. Instead of planning your service from the start time to the end, begin with planning your response time first, and then work backward to the start. This allows you to think through every element and how it will direct your focus to the response time. However, the response time is not the only time that the Holy Spirit can speak to kids. Put as much creativity and planning into creating opportunities for kids to interact with the Holy Spirit as you do writing skits or designing stage sets.

“Because you have prayed…” These were the prophet Isaiah’s words found in Isaiah 37 to King Hezekiah had prayed to the Lord asking for deliverance from King Sennacherib of Assyria. After receiving a threatening message from the Assyrian king, whose army surrounded Jerusalem, King Hezekiah went to the temple of the Lord. He spread out the message before the Lord and prayed. God heard his prayer and delivered Israel from King Sennacherib.

Proverbs 21:31 says, “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.” We can spend time planning, building, and writing. But when we spend time praying for our services and kids, God gives the victory! Praying that kids will encounter the Holy Spirit and hear from Him is one of the best ways we can spend our time during the week.

Skits, big points, and creatively taught lessons are all ways kids learn, and that fosters spiritual growth. But nothing can better maximize the spiritual growth of a child than continuous interaction with the Holy Spirit. Leaving margin for kids to encounter the Holy Spirit in our kids’ ministry services and classrooms must be most important to us.