Gearing Up for JBQ Season

How Tos for Building Your JBQ Ministry

by Scott Norquest/ November 23, 2016

It’s time for Junior Bible Quiz season to start! Here are some ideas to help you get going and KEEP going. This is more than just preparation for competition. JBQ is ministry.

Recruiting Volunteers

You will need help. Officials, coaches, and parent support are all an important part of JBQ. First, use former quizzers, if you have had JBQ for a while. They make great coaches and officials. Second, recruit some of your teens to help. Check with your youth pastor to see who they would recommend. If they haven’t quizzed, they will need some training. Both of these options are a great way to involve students in your church, to keep them connected, and to build their leadership skills. Parents/guardians are obviously important. Invite them to help at practices, provide them with different ways to study with their kids, and train them as JBQ officials.


The best promotion for JBQ is for people to see it in action. If you want to recruit more kids, invite new parents (not just the kids) to come to practices and to JBQ meets. This is the most effective way to get parents to buy into JBQ. Obviously, this is a more forward-looking approach. If you wait until meets begin, new kids may not be able to start until the next year. When adults see how much these kids learn, and how quickly they can recall it, it’s an instant smash.

Another way to promote JBQ is to get your quizzers in front of the church congregation as much as possible. Also, highlight JBQ videos and do awards recognition. You can even perform a JBQ match against the church staff—it’s a fun way to show people what JBQ is like. Different churches have different philosophies when it comes to promoting ministries. Meet with your lead pastor to discover what works best for getting the kids in front of the congregation.

The Extra Mile

Remember, this is ministry, not a program! Pray for your kids. Pray for the families. Pray for your church leaders. Pray for your existing helpers and that God would provide more. Have your quizzers write the lead pastor a note of encouragement. Invite the staff to JBQ meets. Plan to have your quizzers help at church eventseven if it’s only to stack chairs. Kids can do a lot and make a huge impact. Teach them to serve and to live out what they have learned. Model it for them.

There is so much you can do to have a successful JBQ ministry. These are just a few ideas that have worked for my church and in other churches. If you are new to JBQ, or if you are a long-time member of this ministry, never stop asking for help or talking with other JBQ leaders to gain ideas. We are building the Kingdom and discipling children together. The competition is a bonus, not the final product. Make what I call “Disciple Makers.” Have a great season