Truly Effective Ministry Is All About A Destination

by Kelly Presson/ October 14, 2021

A Destination

Some time ago as I was walking out of an average Kidmin service when the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly. He asked if I knew the difference between an average Kids Ministry and a really good one. I remember thinking, “well I think I know, I certainly have ideas”.

Then the Holy Spirit clearly spoke these two words……”A Destination”.

The difference between an average Kids Ministry and a truly effective one is having a destination! These words made complete sense to my spirit and my mind began to contemplate all these two powerful words really mean. 

Ministry times are not about dispensing biblical information or keeping kids occupied and content for 90 minutes.

For years the measure of success for many churches has been,

1. Did the kids have fun?

2. Did they learn something?

If the answer to both of these questions in their mind is yes, then it was a successful ministry experience.


A Higher Calling

I am here to insist that we need a much higher expectation and definition of success than simply did they have fun and learn something!

I feel certain that everyone reading would be quick to agree that kids today are dealing with more well-orchestrated attacks than you and I would have ever imagined.

Like it or not our kids are now growing up in an R-Rated society!

There continues to be a wave of same sex propaganda coming at the next generation. 

Propaganda that calls evil good and good evil.

The enemy is aggressively going after the next generation.

Attacks concerning beliefs, gender, patriotism, ……. They are dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, etc.  These attacks demand that we become much more specific and strategic as we teach kids how to Walk in the Spirit and Overcome the plans of the enemy.

Remember, in the presence of the Lord there is “Fullness of Joy”!   Psalms 16:11

They need to know that God did not give them a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind! They must experience the presence of the one true Living God over and over in their formative years. It is vital that they have learned to quiet themselves and hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. 



Can you imagine if the goal of our military boot camps were simply “did the soldiers learn something and was it presented in a memorable way”?

Would our soldiers be as prepared as they need be to face an enemy that wants to destroy them? Battle ready means drilling specific disciplines.  Some seemingly have nothing to do with war, but they are strategic in preparing soldiers to not only survive but conquer.

For several years my goals for my kids ministry were simple.

  1. I wanted kids to have so much fun that they would cry if they weren’t able to attend.
  2. I wanted them to know what it is like to be in the presence of the Lord.
  3. I wanted them to serve God for the rest of their lives.

Although these were simple goals, I believe that I was able to excel simply because I was focused on a Destination. One that focused on knowing the presence of the Lord.


8 Goals

Later, I discovered the 8 Goals of Kidmin developed by David Boyd and published by the Assemblies of God.  I quickly saw the benefit and began using them as a better-defined road map to a spiritual destination. The 8 Goals encapsulated both of my spiritual goals. Creatively making the pursuit of these 8 Goals fun continued to be an important part of my weekly preparation.

I wish I would have known about the 8 Goals from the very beginning. I can only imagine how much more effective my ministry would have been. I can testify that instituting these caused my ministry effectiveness to go to the next level.

Make up your mind today that with the Holy Spirit’s help, you will take the kids in your ministry on a spiritual road trip each week. 

You know where you want to go, now pray and seek direction for how to take your kids a step closer each week.