Children with Special Needs In Your Kidmin

Do you make a place for them?

by Mark Entzminger/ August 31, 2015

Many children’s ministries have at least one or two kids with some sort of special need. This can feel overwhelming for those without an established strategy to minister to these kids. Things unknowns can create perceived roadblocks to effectively pouring out Jesus’ love to these kids. The unknowns include not knowing enough about providing appropriate care, understanding the child, and understanding the parent. 

Today, I want to encourage you to overcome these roadblocks in order to establish quality ministry to children with special needs. 

Three Reasons to Create a Ministry to Children with Special Needs 

Below are three reasons why you should consider creating an intentional strategy for ministering to children with special needs. 

1. Every child needs to grow as a Spirit-empowered disciple. It is important that churches embrace every child as a “gift from the LORD” (Psalm 127:3, NLT). When a child knows that he or she is known and loved, he or she can feel safe. That feeling of safety leads to growth. Children with special needs absorb information in different ways, but every one of them needs to know and feel love from others and recognize they are loved by God. 

2. Parents’ confidence will increase. Parents want to know children’s leaders genuinely care and seek to understand their child. Having a strategy for ministry to children with special needs communicates that you care about the growth of their child, not just about occupying their time. In caring for their child, the body of Christ functions as it should in the local church. 

3. It shows honor to the body of Christ. Children’s ministry is not intended to only minister to some of the children and families. By being intentional about special needs children, ministry leaders demonstrate to the entire church that every person is important. As the other children observe the care and consideration given to children with special needs, they will begin to express love and acceptance to those who are different from themselves. 

How can the kidmin team at your church minister to children with special needs?