Celebrating New Year Giving Goals

Team Approach is Best for Setting and Obtaining BGMC Goals

by David Boyd/ December 14, 2016

With the New Year quickly approaching, how do you set a new giving goal for BGMC for next year? One idea is to spread the responsibility. Gather your children’s leaders, and ask each of them for a personal goal. Also ask your leaders to brainstorm together on how to set a BGMC goal and how each person can assist you in accomplishing this goal.

Do you have 30 kids? What if all 30 kids made a faith promise and earned $5 a month for BGMC? That’s $1800wow! What if 30 adults gave $5 a month to match the kids? That’s another $1800. Already you’re at $3600! What if you had one fundraiser with the kids, like a Bike-a-thon? Think of it—30 kids each getting $50 in pledges. That’s another $1500! Now your BGMC giving is over $5000!

Let your leaders and kids explore the idea of this year’s annual goal. Every dollar raised may very well be a soul for the Kingdom. All over the country we have kids who are doing remarkable things themselves for BGMC. It is common for kids to raise $300, $500, and even $1000 a year for BGMC! If you have just a few of those kids in your church, your goal may be amazing.

The New Year is the perfect time to believe God for something far beyond your own imagination. Our theme for this year is “Above and Beyond.” Those words are found in Ephesians 3:20. A few verses earlier God reminds us of how wide, deep, long, and high is His greatness and power to work in our lives. Let God stretch you and your kids. Help them believe He wants to do amazing things through their lives. Challenge them to make a goal. Look at their faith and add it to your own. Let’s make this year Above and Beyond where we have ever gone before!

If every child goes Above and Beyond where they have ever gone before, and every leader goes Above and Beyond where they have ever gone before, then across our nation we will go ABOVE AND BEYOND for BGMC!

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