Blending Fun and Learning

Three ways to create a fun, healthy ministry

by Mark Entzminger/ November 20, 2015

Kids’ ministry should be fun. However, we also need to be careful our ministry is not one-sided. How do you create an environment that kids are excited about each Sunday while making sure you’re challenging them to consider how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives?

Today, I wanted to unpack a few principles you can use to find the right blend of fun and learning in your kids’ ministry.

Three Ways to Effectively Blend Fun and Learning in Kidmin

If you want to create a kids’ ministry that effectively balances the “fun” aspect with taking time to help kids apply the truth of Scripture, here are three ideas to consider:

1. Make sure there is a purpose behind every fun activity. Think of this as having fun on purpose. Whether it’s a song, craft, or game, every fun activity should tie back in and reinforce what you’re trying to teach.

2. Have fun in “big” and “small” ways. Games and activities are a great way to engage kids during large group time. We don’t want kids to think large group is “fun” and small group is “boring.” Creating time for kids to have fun in their small groups is a way to prevent that mindset and help your leaders connect with kids in new ways.

3. Don’t neglect rules for the sake of having fun. This is hard to do sometimes, but it matters. Kids still need to know and understand there are rules and procedures for how they behave. With the right rules in place, you won’t have to discipline the whole group by taking away fun activities because one child cannot respect the rules and boundaries.

We want kids to have fun, but we also should take that fun and give it purpose. The good news is that kids are masters at being able to go from fun to serious. Applying these three principles in your ministry will help you create an experience that is both fun and meaningful.

What are some ways you incorporate fun into your Sunday morning experience?