Bible Fact Pak and the "Advantage Game Concept"

by Mark Entzminger/ November 7, 2019

Games kids love and how to help them learn the Bible Fact Pak while playing them.

Have you ever wished there were a better way to help kids learn the content of the Bible? Do you see them energetically engaging in sports and other games, but becoming very bored when studying Scripture? Would you love to find a better way to help excite them about the content of Scripture?

Let me propose an idea of using the Bible Fact Pak to change the rules of games kids love by providing correct answers with a game advantage.

Some parents applaud kids’ study habits with video game time, movies, or other rewards. These can be powerful incentives, but the downside is many kids then see the study of Scripture as something that stands in their way of getting what they really want.

Using games kids love and including a new rule of an in-game advantage could totally change their engagement in the game, and more importantly, the learning of Scripture.

To see this happen I recommend each home have a Bible Fact Pak Question Card set from My Healthy Church. Of course, you could make your own questions, or simply print free sets of questions from to get started today.

Here are the steps to the “BFP Advantage Concept.”

  1. Begin with any game kids and families love to play.
  2. Determine which questions you are going to use for the advantage. NOTE: It’s always good to choose questions that will challenge the players, but to also include plenty of questions they already know.
  3. Agree on how the advantage will be used.
  4. Play the game with the advantage.
  5. Repeat with different games and on different days.

In the next few articles I’ll be sharing games families love and an idea for how to incorporate the “BFP Advantage Concept” into the game. However, with some of your own creativity, you could easily come up with others. The first in the series can be found here: