Bible Fact Pak Advantage Series-Target Practice

by Dan Dangerfield/ November 7, 2019

This is one of the games that utilizes the Bible Fact Pak Advantage Series. Visit this page for the original article and an explanation of the BFP Advantage Series!

General idea: Teams of children race to shoot cups off a table with nerf guns.


Items needed: selected JBQ questions, single shot nerf guns and bullets, solo cups


Set up:

Divide the students into teams of 3-5 with one leader to read questions for each team

Each team needs one nerf gun

Stack 3 solo cups (for each team) on a table approximately 10 feet away from the children

Have a bucket of nerf bullets within reach of everyone. 


The game:

When you say GO, each team leader begins by asking a JBQ question to the first person in line of each team.  If the student gets the answer correct, they take one shot at their teams solo cups and return to the back of their line.  Play continues until the first team knocks all three of their cups off the table.



Consider having children stand behind a table or put tape on the ground so the line doesn’t continue creeping forward. 

If nerf bullets get low, pause the game for everyone at the same time and use the children to collect the bullets and then get prepared to start up again. 


If a child does not know the answer, give them the freedom to ask anyone on their team for help.  Team members can give the answer to the child answering who can then give the reader the answer. 

if you want to mix it up, have them shoot at the opposing teams cups and the winning team can be the one whose cups are last remaining. 

Consider using different colored cups for each team so it’s easy to determine who’s is who’s if they are rolling around on the table.