A JBQ Winning Attitude

Now That the Match is Over ...

by Scott Berkey/ May 29, 2017

This match is officially closed….

Every time those words are spoken at the end of a Junior Bible Quiz match, they represent a simultaneous moment of both victory and defeat. Whether your quizzers are on the winning team, or the team that came up just a little short, it’s your job as a parent or coach to make sure they react the right way. Here are three keys to making sure your quizzers are prepared to handle the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

Keep the First Thing First. Explain to the parents and the kids that the primary goal for JBQ is for kids to have fun. This philosophy may be confusing to some, but when the kids have fun, they are more likely to study. When they study, they are hiding God’s Word deep in their heart. That’s what it means to “Conquer the Cards.”

Evaluate What You Celebrate. Make sure you are celebrating the efforts of every kid. It is important to congratulate the high scorer, but don’t forget about the kid on the other end of the spectrum. If you see her attempt to buzz in from time to time call a time-out and give her a high five. Showing her how proud you are of her efforts will show all of your quizzers what you truly value, their improvement.

Look in the Mirror. Oftentimes the biggest obstacle that a quizzer has to maintaining a positive attitude is their coach. It is certainly alright to be competitive but we must maintain a positive attitude for our quizzers. Every time a coach speaks disparagingly about an opponent or an official, it grants the quizzers permission to do the same. Model what you want right behaviors.

As the quiz season winds down encourage your quizzers to do their best and keep a great attitude no matter what the final score might be.