A Healthy Kidmin Is A Condition

by Mark Entzminger/ August 16, 2018

I love spending time with leaders who are constantly growing. They often challenge me and are simply oozing with wisdom.

Recently I was with a friend of mine, Steve Adams. He’s a top leader in the children’s ministry world, and we’ve had several great open conversations. In one of these conversations he made the statement “Healthy is not an end result, but a condition you create.”

His statement was powerful, and it stuck with me.

Let me say it this way: A healthy ministry is not a destination you arrive at, but a direction your decisions take you.

We may better understand this in regard to our physical health. A doctor can give us a clean bill of health. But our daily decisions regarding sleep, activity, diet, and stress set us on a pathway of good or bad health.

The same is true in your ministry. Compared to other children’s ministries around the nation you might consider where you serve to be healthy or unhealthy. But that’s not the end of the conversation.

The real question is: what decisions are you making today that will impact your health tomorrow. You must diligently fight to create a healthy ministry. There should never be a time when you can place your children’s ministry on autopilot and just assume health will continue. You must continue to steer toward health.

The way you recruit, how you manage your budget, the curriculum you use, the kinds of rules you implement, and the systems for evangelism and follow-up are all directly related to the health direction of your ministry.

What will you do today to put your ministry on a direction of health?