A Grand Production

An outreach opportunity

by St John Eyre/ September 8, 2015

First let me start with a confession. Musical and theater production is not in my wheelhouse. I do not have talent or any expertise in this category of ministry. With that being said, I’m looking forward to presenting another grand production—a kids’ Christmas musical drama!

If you are getting ready to add this opportunity to your ministry portfolio, it is my hope that the following will make this your best year yet. If you have avoided getting involved in a children’s production, I want to encourage you to consider stepping out in faith to take a chance that God may be up to something really exciting at your church.

Productions can be grand or they can be smaller in scope. Knowing my limitations, I make sure to build a team of experts in acting, singing, staging, set designs, and more. What I want to share with you as the children’s ministry leader is the spiritual aspect of a Christmas production.

Most of the people that attend your production will be from your church. Still, your production must be clear about a message of hope and salvation. We take a break about two-thirds into our program and our lead pastor addresses the audience with a short message, prayer, and the opportunity to call upon Jesus. In your planning, be intentional about how to get many folks from your community to come to this event—after all, you have worked very hard to make it the best it can be. We have an annual Christmas party for foster kids from our county, so our Saturday performance takes place right after their event and their entire family walks from our gym to our sanctuary for the Christmas performance. 

A holiday production is also a great time to get the entire family involved. With a few of your families from church involved, challenge them to ask their neighbor to help. Building, sewing, etc. are great opportunities to experience life together. Most everybody is willing to get behind a meaningful cause; and if kids are involved it becomes even more attractive. 

At the end of each of our shows, we have a “goodie bag” for the kids with additional fun activities and the message of the gospel included. We promote our next upcoming events and our weekly ministries. We also include a takeaway for the adults that encourages them to return again for a Sunday service.

In our digital age, you may consider recording the production on DVD or via a live broadcast. There are many shut-ins and seniors in assisted living centers who would be truly blessed if your production was made available to them. Extend your production by taking your kids’ choir to a nursing home. Simply sing the songs in person while the video is playing. What a wonderful opportunity to share your kids’ talents and to once again share the message of hope and salvation.

Your ability to share the good news with your community does not have to be limited to the walls of your church this holiday season. Think outside of the box (no pun intended) and give kids and families the opportunity to share their faith. This is why I am looking forward to doing another Christmas production this year.