A Church Planters Perspective on Tru Fire

Tru Fire Disciples Teachers and Volunteers

by Mark Entzminger/ June 14, 2017

Perhaps you’ve been hearing a lot about Tru Fire lately, and you’ve been wondering about its value for your church. You may have heard the curriculum is distinctly Pentecostal, is delivered in a customizable digital format, and that it empowers the home and offers results you can see in kids. Recently we heard from Cara Railey about her take on Tru Fire, and we thought you might appreciate her insight.

Cara’s husband Chris serves as the director of the Church Multiplication Network for the Assemblies of God. Prior to that, Chris and Cara pastored a new church in Texas. With that as the backdrop, consider the value Cara places on Tru Fire from this recent email excerpt I received from her.

As I'm reviewing the Tru Fire lessons, I'm continually impressed with how well Tru Fire disciples the teachers and volunteers. Every lesson begins with a Support section that is just for the teacher and helps the teacher to understand what they are teaching and why. They are well written, and each one really speaks to me. In just a few paragraphs, the format gives an adult perspective on the Bible lesson they're getting ready to teach. I can't overstate how critical this is to churches that are reaching those far from God and don't have the biblical foundation we often assume of our kids’ volunteers. I wish so badly we'd had this at our church.

I think it's important that we let churches know about this benefit of Tru Fire. Not only is Tru Fire a fantastic curriculum for our kids; it can also be a piece of the leadership development and adult discipleship strategy for a church plant.

I know it seems minimal to promote one small section of a curriculum that's just a couple paragraphs long, but in the last three years I've reviewed a lot of kids’ curriculum, both AG and non-AG. I haven't found any other resource that provides any discipleship for the teacher. I think this is a missed opportunity. We all know how hard it is to get volunteers to come to trainings and development opportunities. Tru Fire has embedded it into what the volunteers are already doing every week.

If you are looking for a curriculum that pre-disciples the teachers before they step into the classroom, the Inspire, Equip, and Support sections of Tru Fire will do just that.

To learn more, head to myhealthychurch.com/trufire.