9 Keys to Effective Teaching Kids - Part Three

by Kelly Presson/ November 19, 2020

This is the third and final in the series on "9 Keys to Effectively Teaching Kids". For part one of the series, click here. For part two, click here.

7. Involve Surprises

Kids love surprises!  Think about it, one of their favorite things as infants was “peek-a-boo”.   Keep in mind that kids have an inquisitive mind. Plan your service to have different elements of intrigue and surprise.  Simply hiding an object lesson in a gift bag and describing the object a bit BEFORE revealing what it actually is, then using the object in your lesson is a simple, yet fun way to add an element of surprise.

A character can have a “secret” that he doesn’t reveal until later in the service, a “mystery prize” can be given, a “special guest” revealed etc.

Variety is important, don’t overuse any of your ideas.  Instead, continually think of different ways and ideas to occasionally add the element of surprise to your service.

8. Make it Stick

You have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to put together a service that kids will enjoy and relate to.  The way you conclude your service time is the segment that commonly receives the least amount of planning and attention although it is the most important.

Ultimately, you want your message to be understood, remembered and applied in the lives of your audience.  This means that you must take time to pray over your response or altar time and plan accordingly.  Giving the Holy Spirit ample space to speak and move in the life of the kids that you serve is vital to having all the things that you worked so diligently to prepare “Stick” in their lives. Possibly having kids write or journal, take home a token, or form groups of 3 and pray are examples of different response opportunities that can make our messages more sticky.

9. Pray for the Supernatural

Work and prepare like what happens in your Kids Ministry is all up to you and your team.  Then pray like what happens is all up to Him.

The Lord has called you and I to lay the groundwork for the Holy Spirit to convict, confirm and comfort.  We must realize that what we can produce on our very best day could never have the lasting impact of even one word spoken directly from the Father into the heart of a child.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to make His word real.  Pray for kids to know His voice, feel his incredible love, and be challenged to make a difference in the lives of others.  Pray for kids to be healed, delivered from fear, and receive the gifts of the Spirit.  When kids personally experience the supernatural touch of God, it confirms that God is real, alive and active in the lives of believers.  Strengthening their resolve to live for Him the rest of their lives.