Three Things I Wish Every Counselor Knew about Kids’ Camp

It's all about the camper

by Chris Pruett/ April 23, 2015

Kids’ Camp! Why is Kids’ Camp such an awesome phenomena? Let me boil it down for you by first taking a look at this powerful noun that actually contains two nouns. First you take the word “Kids” which equals the most energetic age group of the human race. Now we blend this with the word “Camp” which is an environment crafted to unleash creativity, fun, and relationship building. What do we get when we put these two explosive words together? Kids’ Camp! Just saying those powerful words floods my head with incredible childhood memories! If you are helping with a camp this summer, know that God could use you to shape a life forever.

Three things every counselor should know about Kids’ Camp

1. You have the most crucial job at camp.

You set the tone through your attitude and optimism. No other person on the campground has the amount of influence with campers as you. For the sake of the kids, do everything with a smile. Even if this means pretending that the lake water is refreshing instead of freezing. 

2. You might be a kid’s only hope.

Some parents have had yet another disappointing school year. Their child is not connecting with friends, teachers, or even their own family. Camp might be the only hope for students like these. According to the American Camp Association (ACA):

Ninety-six percent of campers say, “Camp helped me make new friends,” and 92 percent say, “Camp helped me feel good about myself.” Seventy percent of camp parents say, “My child gained self-confidence at camp.” [1]

You have an opportunity to give hope to kids desperately needing help. 

3. You get to be a witness of God’s power.

In this ever changing and fast-paced world, families are busier than they have ever been. It is hard, even impossible, to grow a relationship with God without slowing down. Camp has a way of slowing everything down by helping kids detach from their electronics, home environment, and their busy schedules. Kids learn how to seek God in the morning (Psalm 90:14) through devotions. They will also witness God’s presence at the morning and night services. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Please prepare your heart to see what God can do when an entire camp has a united purpose to meet with God. 

I tell all of our counselors that, “Camp is for the camper!” But when God uses you to minister to kids, you might find yourself being changed for eternity as well!

[1] Directions: Youth Development Outcomes of the Camp Experience. American Camping Association, 2005. Accessed April 22, 2015.