3 Reasons I Advocate Tru Fire

Tru Fire Tools Hold Kids Faith

by John Hailes/ November 28, 2016

I’ve come to realize there is a fundamental flaw in the way we typically approach children’s ministry. When you look at the curricula that have been popular over the last five years, this flaw is clear to see. We set out to raise good kids, instead of aiming to train a generation of godly kids.

When I moved to America and joined the Kidmin world four years ago, I was amazed by the number of curricula available. However, I was astounded at the concentration on character traits and the lack of spiritual depth that brought. There seemed to be few curricula that wanted to instill the deeper things of God in our kids.

Week after week, I would get up in front of my kids and challenge them to “go and have peace” or “go and be joyful.” Yet I knew deep down that I wasn’t equipping them to do those things. After all, we were telling kids to have the fruit of the Holy Spirit without any explanation that this fruit is birthed out of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We wonder why so many in our churches are biblically illiterate, but we are doing little to change that through this next generation.

There are many reasons why I am a huge advocate for Tru Fire—the primary one is that it seeks to disciple kids to spiritual maturity. Here are three ways they do that:

  1. Holy Spirit is Teacher

    I’m tired of using curriculum where the Holy Spirit is an optional add-on. Tru Fire puts the Holy Spirit in His proper place! He is the teacher, the One who can transform our kids’ hearts. Tru Fire gives plenty of space for the Holy Spirit to work in our kids’ hearts.


  2. It’s Deeply Spiritual

    When other curricula aim for behavior modification, Tru Fire’s aim is spiritual transformation. There is a depth in their message that isn’t matched by other curricula. Tru Fire sees the potential in kids and recognizes they can comprehend way more than we give them credit for.


  3. Kids Have a Place

Through Tru Fire’s “Big God Story,” I’ve found that kids begin to know their role. Rather than aspiring to be like the biblical heroes, they learn that they are a part of God’s story and that God wants to use them to do His work too.

We live in a changing culture, one that is moving far from God. How we raise this next generation will dramatically affect the course of the Church for many years to come. I believe Tru Fire can be used as an effective tool to help us disciple our kids.