Summer Outreach Planning

A team effort

by Mark Entzminger/ February 29, 2016

If there is one thing children’s pastors don’t need, its another program to manage. However, a summer outreach can be one of the greatest investments of time because it results in kids coming to know Christ.

So how can church leaders plan a summer outreach with excellence but without spreading themselves too thin?

The following tips may help.

  1. Provide a written plan: As you bring people on the team, give them a written plan that includes the goals, objectives, key players, details, and responsibilities. This will provide clarity as new people join the team or the outreach begins to grow.
  2. Don’t say “no” for anyone: People often build a list of the people who would be the best for the team, but then create reasons we think they would turn down the offer to be involved: “They are too busy,” “I asked them last time and they said no,” etc. Don’t say “no” for them before giving them an opportunity to respond.
  3. Recruit with vision: Asking someone to give up a week of their time to fill small cups with cheddar crackers is not very compelling. But showing them how a simple snack can help kids remain focused while hearing the message of the gospel will make a difference in how they view the role they’re being asked to fill.
  4. Provide a job description: Be specific. Provide a written list of jobs each volunteer is responsible for, their deadline(s) to complete those tasks, and where they should turn if they have questions. This clarity can help your volunteers work together so they can accomplish a massive task.
  5. Celebrate the win: Be sure to share credit for success, making sure each volunteer feels that their contribution made victory possible. Nothing will ensure that next year’s outreach will be easier than being specific in how this year’s volunteers made a difference.

Can you share your success stories about recruiting for a summer outreach?