Laughing At Yourself

A communication tool?

by Mark Entzminger/ January 8, 2016

Sometimes the last thing we want to do is reveal to people our imperfections and augment our mistakes. But in a world where kids see “Photoshopped” perfection everywhere they look, it’s imperative we help them understand that God loves us just the way we are — even when we mess up.

I hope the following tips help you talk about your own failures so kids become comfortable with who they are in their own skin.

  1. Epic Fails: Don’t just tell stories about how you rescued the kitty from the tree, be transparent — tell the story about when you fell through the ceiling of your house while working in the attic. (Yes, I’m still recovering from the bruises).
  2. BC Lifestyle: Your life “Before Christ” may have some humor in it. As you tell these stories, be diligent to avoid glamorizing the lifestyle of sin. Use these stories with caution.
  3. Funny Families: Your spouse and children may do things that are hilarious. However, telling stories that include them may end up embarrassing them and put undue pressure for perfection if they do not like being the center of attention. Use these stories with sensitivity. It’s always better to point out your own failures than the failures of others.
  4. Biblical Comparisons: While your life will not have all the failures of every one of the Bible characters, you may have some of the same questions or feelings that they did after their failures. Don’t tell a story just to get people laughing, help them realize that God can speak to you through these moments about His direction, provision, protection, etc.

When we learn to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously, I think we find our dependance on God increases. We see our failures and mistakes more readily and laugh not because we want to be foolish but because we know God chooses to love us in spite of our imperfections.

Oh, and be sure to laugh at yourself when you are not on stage. Your family and the leaders who work with you see your imperfections as well. Be humble and laugh at your mistakes.