JBQ Friends or Foes

Connecting with Other JBQ Teams

by Sandy Dangerfield/ January 23, 2017

“Fellowship” is one of the four main objectives of JBQ team quizzing. Are we as coaches, parents, and coordinators doing everything we can to ensure this objective is being met?

At a quiz meet, the adults in the room set the tone for the attitudes and interactions during each match. If the officials are smiling and happy, the quizzers are more relaxed. If the coach jokes with the other team, the kids view them more positively. It is our responsibility as JBQ leaders to promote this desired fellowship. 

Here are some simple ways to accomplish this objective:

  1. Smile: Seams simple enough, but just by making a point of smiling, we lift the mood in the room, lessen the tension, and promote friendship.
  2. Pray: Pray for the other quizzers. Let your kids see that you really care for the other teams and want them to all do their best. Even during practice, don’t insinuate that the other team is an enemy.
  3. Congratulate: Recognize all quizzers on their efforts and victoriesespecially those on other teams. Again, let your kids see you do this.
  4. Identify: Call the members of other teams by their names.
  5. Associate. Sit with other teams during lunch and encourage chatting between the quizzers.
  6. Theme Days: Here’s an interesting idea for coordinators: have theme days for your quiz meets.This works to lessen the “team” differentiation with the quizzers as they are all dressing and engaging in a common theme.
  7. Fun: If time allows, use a game or activity that combines members of different teams to accomplish a common goal.
  8. Intermingle: Quizmasters have a wonderful opportunity after closing the match to encourage teams to intermingle. Initiate conversation between both teams beforehand, and try to get them to intermingle afterward.
  9. Courtesy: Always be aware of your own comments to other adults. Never question judging or coaching decisions in the presence of the quizzers. Little ears hear everything but don’t necessarily understand everything. What you may think is a simple difference of opinion, they may take as anger at another team, coach, official, or quizzer.
  10. Affect: Oh, did I mention smile. JBQ competition is supposed to be fun!

 Remember: Your quizzers are a reflection of you, and if you are enjoying friendly fellowship with the other teams, your kids will naturally follow suit.