Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Lead Pastor

Let’s Do Ministry Together

by Brian Dollar/ June 22, 2017

As children’s leaders, one of the first things we must know is that our job is not to come up with a vision for our ministry but, rather, to come under the authority and vision of our lead pastor.

Many children’s pastors feel misunderstood, taken for granted, and frustrated with the process of working with their lead pastor. Brain Dollar (the children’s pastor, who has served as a kids’ pastor since 1992), and Rod Loy (the lead pastor) share about their years of working together and explore ways of building a strong relationship with the one God has called you to work beside. 

Follow the outline below as you view this video presentation with Brian and Rod. It is suggested that you and your lead pastor view the video together and pause intermittently to discuss the points and how they apply to you both.




Children’s Pastor: Stay connected to the vision of the lead pastor.

Senior Pastor: Understand the difficulty of not being in the “main thing.”

Children’s Pastor: Look for opportunities to serve.

Senior Pastor: God called me to serve with my team.

Children’s Pastor: Know when to be serious.

Senior Pastor: Know when to be fun.

Children’s Pastor: Don’t be defensive; be open to correction.

Senior Pastor: Affirm openly, correct privately.

Children’s Pastor: Inform him of “job offers” immediately.

Senior Pastor: Understand the family and financial needs of a long-term staff member.

Children’s Pastor: Keep your frustration quiet.

Senior Pastor: Keep your frustration quiet.

Children’s Pastor: Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Senior Pastor: Listen, listen, listen.

Children’s Pastor: Tell the whole truth the first time.

Senior Pastor: Ask questions you already know.

Children’s Pastor: Fight the thought, If only I was in charge.

Senior Pastor: Encourage the thought, What if you were in charge?

Children’s Pastor: Pray for your pastor and his family daily.

Senior Pastor: Spend time in an informal atmosphere.


Conclude with Prayer.