Gumball Bonanza

3 games to play with a gumball machine

by Sheik Ally/ June 1, 2016

Gumball machines are bright, fun objects that draw kids. Plus, they’re full of candy! The ultimate kids ministry combo.

If you have stopped by your local Toys R Us or Target anytime lately, you’ve likely seen gumball machines of all different sizes and price ranges.

Here are three different game ideas that can work with any sized or priced gumball machine.

Gumball Flavor Fiesta

The Gumball Flavor Fiesta is a race. Each player (up to one player per color) is assigned a gumball color/flavor. Throughout the service, the machine dial is spun to release a gumball. The first team to have 5 of its color gumball fall out of the machine is the winner.

The reason for spinning the dial is up to you. It can be for good behavior of the entire group or correct response to a question.

You can also use multiple gumball machines each filled with only one color and have a representative from each team turn their respective dial on your cue.

The Great Gum Drop

The Great Gum Drop can be a review game. First, fill the machine with gumballs of every color except one. Place only a few of the remaining color into the machine and mix it.

The goal of the game is for one person or team to be the first to spin the dial and get one gumball of that remaining color.

The great thing about this game is that everybody gets a consolation prize.

Color Conundrum

Color Conundrum is another great review game.

If you buy a standard mix of assorted gumballs, you will have 8 separate colors: orange, red, yellow, green, white, purple, blue and pink.

In Color Conundrum, a team can earn the opportunity to spin the gumball machine dial for answering a question correctly or for good behavior. Once they spin the dial, the color of the gumball determines the amount of points they get.

Orange = 100 pts.
Red = 200 pts.
Yellow = 300 pts.
Green = 400 pts.
White = 500 pts.
Purple = 2x the value of a re-spin
Blue = A prize for the spinner and a re-spin
Pink = 0 pts.

Again, no matter what the turnout of the round, the spinner always gets a prize!

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