Growing Your Ministry by Giving to Missions

God’s Path to Growing Ministry

by Casey Gibbons/ March 2, 2017

Our six-year-old Angelina ran passionately through the house with her coin bucket from church inquiring for anyone who would listen: “I need all money! Attention! If you have any coins, then please bring them to me now! This is important! Does anyone have any money?”

Missions. There is nothing like bringing the needs of the world at large into your own small world.

As Angelina continued bopping around looking for any loose change for the upcoming missions goal in kids’ church, I told her how proud I was that she cared so deeply about other children in another part of the world. Her countenance looked confused. She slowly but confidently revealed her motive, “Well, I am not really doing it for them. I am doing this because I get 100 Kid Bucks at church, and I can get a prize!” I was suddenly reminded of the humanity in all of us as our hearts are growing in why we do what we do. While giving to missions is needed for the missionaries and their projects, missions is also about developing the heart of the child and ultimately the ministry as a whole.

There is no question that giving to missions has the capacity to disciple us all. Yes, the money is necessary, but it can also be the means in which you develop the people that you lead, including yourself. The change we collect for BGMC is not only a tangible way to collect coins, but it’s also symbolic of the change that can happen in the hearts of the givers. Giving to missions affects everyone under your leadership and has the potential to move them forward in Christ. My husband, Scotty, has always encouraged leaders by sharing, “If you want to grow a ministry, give to missions.”

Here are five reasons why giving to missions is valuable for your ministry:

  1. Giving to missions reminds you to hear from the Holy Spirit and step out in faith personally. Leading the way in giving is a matter of obedience to the amount God is calling you to give and the faith to believe He will provide it. Take some time to pray and see what you are to do. Discuss with your spouse or co-laborer how you will invest as the leader. Your journey of listening to the Lord and making decisions to follow what He says in will be a launching pad to share with others. Be open as you pave the path for them to follow you.
  2. Giving to missions provides a reason for you to impart fresh vision to your group. The momentum and excitement that comes from collectively working toward a common goal offers an opportunity for a tangible vision that your ministry can work toward. As you share the needs, timeline, and goal, the children and leaders will connect with a purpose. Missions will help them to think beyond their own needs and join as one to follow your vision.
  3. Giving to missions allows each child to be discipled in their own life with God. Whether its learning the “why” behind the “what” of giving, experiencing exposure to another culture’s needs, trusting God to show them ways He will provide money, or learning how prayer is a powerful tool in seeing ministry work move forward, missions giving can impact a developing relationship with the Lord. Use your giving projects to open large- or small-group discussions about the journey kids may need to take. Again, the goal of training children in the ways of the Lord is just as valuable as hitting the monetary goal.
  4. Giving to missions causes other leaders to set an example. When you take part in a missions project, your staff or volunteer leaders have an opportunity to grow as well. The challenge of inspiring others to give is less taxing when you have a team that is not only supporting what you are teaching but is personally living it out. Their faith stories can be an enlightening tool to inspire kids to do the same. In addition, the accountability of children is priceless! The little ones will keep your leaders in step as they encourage the adults to hit goals each week.
  5. Giving to missions awakens parents to be engaged with what your group is doing. Any connection with parents is always a win. They may or may not be reading the handout or joining the app of what was covered in the lesson, but no parent can deny interactions with their child as children joyfully desire to be a part of the missions giving with their coin containers. Your ministry grows by having parents investing in the vision during the week on the home front. In fact, the children’s giving will naturally cause parents to think of their own faith journey of giving, which, in turn, has the potential to affect the whole church.
As you are motivated for this new year to join in going Above and Beyond with BGMC, consider how giving to missions can be valuable for everyone. The time and energy you put into a creative or strategic plan is not simply about the amount of money that will come in so that kids get prizes or so leaders gets acknowledged. Your investment is about growing your ministry from the inside out, one heart at a time starting with yoursand then for all the “Angelinas” under your influence!