Circumstances Are Not Your Master

by Kelly Presson/ July 21, 2021

These are challenging times.  As a result, most are cutting things deemed “expendable” from our personal and ministry budgets.  While it is always important to be a “good steward”, economic circumstances have magnified this pursuit.

Circumstances may be tempting you to save money by not investing in a leadership growth plan during this season.  I want to encourage you that your personal leadership growth and development effect everything concerning your ministry.  Remember, it’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that makes all the difference. Opportunities will continue to come to you or pass by you every day.  Obstacles and issues will not only continue but will most likely increase.  As ministry leaders, investing in growth at this moment helps you to be ready for the next moments.  Legendary basketball coach John Wooden said:  “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”

Now is exactly the time when leaders need more growth, more insight, more wisdom and more of the Holy Spirit.  Successful leaders recognize that spiritual growth and the development of leadership skills are lifetime pursuits.

Leaders are needed most when circumstances are difficult.  Parents and their children will be looking to you for strength and guidance.  Wise leaders are stepping up their prayer, fasting, worship, and Bible study times, and continuing to make leadership growth a priority.

If we are going to lead effectively, we will draw nearer to God and glean from others He has lovingly placed in our lives.  Knowing that He alone is greater than any circumstance.


Kelly Presson is the Director of Leadership Development for the Assemblies of God Children's Ministry. He leads Hydrate, a digital learning community intended to grow every leader that joins through video lessons, worksheets, Zoom webinars and meetings, and much more. Hydrate is open for registration throughout the month of August. Sign up today