Book Review She Believes by Debbie Lindell

Essential Asset to Personal Development in Leadership

by Casey Gibbons/ March 14, 2017

“Do you remember the last time you read a novel or story about someone and it mesmerized your thoughts, keeping you glued to every word?”

These opening lines in a chapter from She Believes, published by Revell, is a glimpse into how the book will capture the heart of every woman. Yes, every woman. Partnered with Suzy Flory, Debbie Lindell’s first book release speaks life into the most tender and vulnerable areas of women of all ages and in all backgrounds. Specifically, equipping ladies in pastoral or volunteer positions while working with children can be an essential asset to their personal development in leadership. This is one book you can feel confident purchasing.

Debbie’s real-life stories are woven into her work as her spirit of joy exuberates through her lessons and applications. Her highs and lows as a Christian woman and passionate pastor’s wife are shared openly as she walks the reader through God’s plan to, “Embrace the Life You Were Created to Live.” Focusing on God’s love, walking in faith, walking through adversity, surrounding yourself with the right relationships, and obeying God’s call for His future dreams for you, this 250-page solid read is insightful and engaging. Debbie also connects God’s heart with the reader through the use of Scriptures and how they apply to today’s women.

In addition to this book project, Debbie’s love for God and people has led her to create one of the most impacting movements in America among women with the Designed for Life conference. This “sisterhood” of women, gathering from around the nation, has been changed from the inside out and is changing thousands of others through their international outreaches, including sponsoring 3,000 children in Haiti and Ethiopia. There are endless life testimonies that have flowed from God’s work in people as they encounter Him, much in part to Debbie’s obedient faith to follow His call on her life.

Endorsed by friends in the ministry, Chris Caine, Julia A’bell, Nancy Alcorn, and Helen Burns, She Believes is worth the investment and should be shared with those within the reader’s personal influence. It is a lighthearted yet meaningful 2016 project with the outreach already being expanded as it is being translated into multiple languages. If women took to heart the messages and biblical truths found in Debbie’s life messages, they will truly embrace the life they are created to live.


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