7 Ways to Honor Others

Demonstrating Love and Honor to Others

by Mandy Groot/ November 29, 2016

During the business that comes with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, it’s important that we demonstrate how we can show love and honor to others. This time of year should inspire giving. Take some time to provide ideas to your girls about ways they can show honor for others.  Romans 12:10 tells us, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves” (NIV). An All Star Girl is a girl who honors others.

Help your girls find ways they should honor others by giving of themselves this season. Here are some simple things to get you started:

  • Show appreciation to a leader by writing thank-you notes.
  • Take a group of girls to serve at a soup kitchen.
  • Bake cookies and take to the police or fire department.
  • Do a Rake-N-Run: Take a group of girls in a van with rakes. Stop in a neighborhood, rake leaves and run—expecting nothing in return.
  • Adopt an elderly person to help with small house chores or grocery shopping.
  • Collect food items for a family in need.
  • Collect gently used books for kids and plan a distribution at a local park. Include girls reading to younger kids and coloring pages for some fun!

Check out our Pinterest page for more exciting ways to honor others and give back to a community!