6 Ways to Say Thanks

Saying Thank You to Volunteers

by Brian Eno/ June 20, 2017

The volunteers in our churches are my heroes in so many ways. They sacrifice their time, talent and treasure for the ministry. They are not required to be there, but many times they are more committed than those of us who are paid to be there. This is why I always want to ensure I am saying “thank you” and showing them proper appreciation. Below are some effective ways to show appreciation to your volunteers.

Show it privately.

Show appreciation in the lobby, after kid’s church, following youth group, or in a personally hand- written note. Just say, “thank you,” and be specific.

Show it publicly.

Show appreciation in meetings, in kid’s church, in youth group, and in front of the church. Take every opportunity to brag on your team.
Show it socially.

Post a thank you on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Send them a short text or email. Post a brief video on Vine. Just let them know you appreciate all they do.
Show it in a gift.

A Starbucks or Dutch Brothers gift card is a great way to show your appreciation. A book could also help them in their ministry. 
Show it over a meal.

Show your thanks over dinner. Nothing says, “I appreciate you” more than a slice of home-baked rhubarb pie, and don’t forget the vanilla ice cream!
Show it through prayer.

Start a volunteer prayer list. Find out their specific needs and pray with them for God’s favor and answer.

As a church leader, I have learned that you cannot do effective ministry without a team of volunteers. So, make sure they know how valuable they are by saying, “Thank you!”