5 Key Qualities of a Rockstar Kid's Leader

by Taylor Norris/ June 19, 2020

All of us need leaders when it comes to leading a Kid’s Ministry. Without it, we would never be able to fulfill our calling in teaching kids to be life-long followers of Christ. In any circumstance, recruiting leaders to serve is always a hard task for any KidMin person. 80% or more of our role is done by people who volunteer their time to serve. We recruit leaders that are like-minded. I have found that these five principles in my life have helped me recruit rockstar kid's leaders.

  • Consistency 

-When a leader is consistent, there is the often times that a child will be able to
trust them with important things in their lives that they want the leader to pray
-Use your check in system database to find out which kids are coming consistently
and ask their parents or guardians to join your team.
-Finding people that are consistently coming to the church communicates that they are
bought-in with the church’s mission and vision and believe in the community of
your church.

  • Passion

-We need to be passionate about our purpose of creating life long followers of
Christ! We need to remind ourselves of the legacy that we are leaving in not only
a kid’s life, but their entire family.
-We don’t need a specific passion for kids ministry for new leaders. Find people
that are passionate with connecting with people; allow them to be your check-in
team and/or a small group leader. Find people that are passionate about teaching
God’s Word. Ask them to be a communicator for the Big God Story.
-Each role in our venues have different passions and talents that allow for people
to serve.

  • Servants Attitude

-When we see a need, we meet the need! When we are able to serve our families
by simply getting their labels for check in, we show them that we will do anything
for other families who wish to attend our church!
-When we find people that share this quality, we are able to serve more families
that call our church “home.”
-One of the best ways to apply this quality is to think through the lease of a first time

  • Awareness

-This might be an odd one but awareness needs to be a great skill that we need to
-No matter what space or venue we are in, we need to be aware of the kids and
environments around us! Parents trust us with our kids and that reason alone
needs to show that we are constantly being aware of our surrounding and actions.
-When we are aware to a child’s need, we are displaying pastoral care to them.

  • Example

-We all know that example is a great form of leadership and is essentially what
Paul instructed the Corinth church of “follow me as I follow Christ.” (1
Corinthians 1:11)
-In a child’s life, we might be the only example of Jesus that a child has.
-Children are sponges and what we allow, we teach. Let’s model them what it
means to follow and lead the way Christ did.


Looking back through these five qualities, would there be one that you would add to this list?
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