More Than Superheroes

Superhero vs. Supernatural

by Jared Massey/ April 9, 2015

Thousands of years ago, someone decided to dip their fingers in clay and draw on the wall. What started as a simple hobby turned into the main form of communication for millennia, extending forward to today’s system of written communication. As good stories go, the stories written on those walls evolved into fantastic legends of gods and men, stories of battle and conquest, stories of struggle and survival, stories that teach, and stories that entertain. Today, those stories are still told, but instead of being written on cave walls, they are printed in comic books and acted out in film. Truthfully, today’s increasingly popular comic characters are just new versions of ancient myths—some (like the ever-popular Thor) quite literally.

In the world our kids live in, the stories told in Scripture can become indistinguishable from those told on the screen, and there are many who would want kids to believe that the stories of the Bible are truly nothing more than that. But they are—and we want our kids to know it. So how do we properly teach that to them when they are brought up in a culture saturated by these stories?

Teach the Full Story

As teachers, we have a tendency to teach the exciting parts of the stories, but leave out the dirt. We do this in an attempt to protect the kids we are teaching, but we do them a great disservice when we do so. When we teach the full story, we learn that the “heroes” of the Bible weren’t really that heroic after all, but they were something much greater—they were obedient. When they allowed themselves to be used by God, He worked supernatural wonders through them—sometimes in spite of them. 

Focus on the Main Character

In all of Scripture, there is only one main character. Every other character is a side character. Jesus is that main character and we do well to keep Him there. From the creation account on, every single story points towards Him. The way we tell these stories should reflect that. God’s supernatural power that was evident in the Bible is active today as He works to draw people to Jesus.

He Is Alive Today

Moses, Jonah, Adam, Peter, John, Ezekiel—what do all these men have in common? They are all dead. While we believe they live eternally in heaven, we recognize that their lives are finished on this earth. But God is alive and working today. We see Him still active through people all around this world and we invite those in our ministries to step into His story and be used by Him. We don’t seek God’s power, like one desires to time travel or shoot lasers out of their eyes. We seek God. He is the source of the power and is the power himself.

God is at work today. He is looking for kids and adults to step into His story. The same God who parted the Red Sea through Moses, who stopped the rains through Elijah, who walked on water with Peter—that same God is the God we serve. His supernatural power is available to us today as we point others to Jesus. It’s imperative our kids understand that God equips them with His supernatural power to live a life that leads others to Jesus.